The finished painting of Stella with part of her herd at Strang Ranch, Carbondale Colorado.   A most satisfying project, to capture the horses, the mountain setting, and the mood of the day.  All the horses were excited, and Stella led the band up and down the pasture.  She is such a strong, independent mare, the Queen Bee of the herd.  My goal was to visually tell the story of such a mare, with both personality and attitude.

A curtain of rain hung from the skies, lifting in places to highlight  the golden landscape of Strang Ranch, especially the aspen grove and blooming rabbit brush.  Mt. Sopris stands sentinel in the distance.

I think when one spends a lot of time with a horse through visual study and painting, that horse gets into the psyche. I was able to learn about Stella on a deep and very unique level.  Today I saw her as the subject of a new painting.  I plan to paint her in a looser, more stylistic manner, while emphasizing  her strong queenly personality.

Leader of the Pack
Leader of the Pack

2 replies on “Leader of the Pack

  1. I love the finished picture! You show that the artist puts much more than just painting into the picture. It is a project of the mind and soul as well!

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