I’ve been busy working out the  composition for my upcoming workshop at the Gunnison Arts Center next Thursday night.   As part of the  watercolors and wine series, I have come up with a plan to incorporate a playful approach to watercolor, using techniques that will spice up your paintings with special effects.  Playing on the wine theme, the painting we will pursue is entitled, “Wine Pearing.”  This step-by-step class will give you confidence and techniques to create more playful paintings.  Additionally, I will give you design principles to best express your ideas.  This painting will focus on using space effectively.

“Wine Pearing” pencil and watercolor study copyright Cheri Isgreen 2015

2 replies on “Watercolors and Wine Update

  1. Drat, no way I can come, but SPACING is one of my problems, you know how those signs that say “think ahead” have the ‘d’ falling off..my “head” falls off 🙂

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