One of the best ways I’ve discovered to record my travels is to carry a sketch book to capture my experiences.  I sketch with pencil, refine in ink, and sometimes paint a watercolor composition, so I prefer a sketchbook with “sized” paper in a heavyweight – at least 90 pounds.  For this past trip, I added collage to my entries.  Perhaps, I will do more collage in the future.

On January 9, Kurt and I flew from Denver to Puerto Vallarta.  We had to drive an extra two hours taking Cochetopa Pass to get over the Continental Divide, as snow, wind, and avalanches had closed all other avenues through the mountains.  Arriving in sunny Puerto Vallarta, warm temperatures and sunshine quickly restored me from suffering a winter head cold to my normal healthy self.

We stayed at the Hotel Belmar in Centro, Viejo Vallarta.  The hotel displays an extensive art collection of fine art prints on all five floors.  As artists, we immediately felt at home.  Hauling our luggage up 4 floors, our exertions  were rewarded with a magnificent street view.  Our room boasted French doors and a balcony that opened to the noisy, colorful, fragrant world that is Mexico.  Each night fireworks exploded in the sky just outside our doors!


Here is the view from our balcony, room 31.  Many rooftops sprout casitas complete with gardens, patios, and laundry.  We were able to request the same room for our return 4 weeks later when we had reservations to fly home.

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