While traveling in the colonial cities, I was struck by all the beautiful Catholic churches in Mexico.  Every city has at least one cathedral and often a basilica as well.  In addition, every neighborhood also has a church.  This means that every few blocks one sees another opulent church!  These churches are not what we would see in the US; they are large, ornate buildings resplendent with precious metals, chandeliers, paintings, frescoes, multiple altars, and nearly as big as the city’s main cathedral.  They are old, built in the 16th – 18th centuries in Baroque, Classical, or Gothic styles.  Some of the newer churches were built as late as 1800!


The main bus stop for Tapico Tours, where we could inexpensively travel to Talaquepaque and Tonalá was across from the Guadalajara Cathedral.  The first sketch depicts a vignette from the plaza gardens looking at the corner of the Cathedral.  In the distance the dome of another church is visible.  The second sketch depicts as much of the cathedral as I could fit in my small 6″ square sketch book.  The building is actually about one third bigger, where it fades off the left side of my sketch book.


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