C mimaWith social distancing and self-quarantine keeping us at home, many are looking for things to do.  In appreciation for joining my newsletter group and following my blog, I will send you a complementary equine coloring book set to keep you occupied and to nourish your soul with art.  (Sample at left)  Your information is never shared and newsletters are sent infrequently.  Your inbox will not be inundated with spam.

Here’s how to receive your complementary coloring kit with my gratitude for your interest and support of my artwork:

First scroll to the bottom of my web site and hit the FOLLOW button.Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 11.55.13 AM

Then, fill out the request form below.  That’s it!  Easy Peas-y.  Stay safe, stay healthy, and thank you!

2 replies on “Complementary Coloring Book

  1. What a cool idea Cheri! Wish I had kids close who could use this. Well my grandkids are in their 20s so they probably wouldn’t. Hope you guys are safe and healthy. All good here.

    Stay sane! Kay

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