Raven.1The gliding  shape of a raven evokes a sense of freedom and grace.  Known for their wily intelligence, ravens are attributed with prophecy.  Today in these times of quarantine and isolation, it seems prophetic that I focused on the raven’s essence of freedom and possibility as I began my Raven Series in early winter.  These images in pastel and watercolor arouse sensations of liberty and optimism through flight.  Art gives me the language to communicate my aspirations and dreams.  Through art I can soar high above this uncertain world.  (Pictured left: “Soar”     Pictured above:  “Winging It”   Both images–framed watercolors, 15″ x 12″  $150; image size 10″ x 7″



Like ravens- I, too, have an affinity for shine and glitz.  I pushed my final piece with mixed media, adding shiny gold acrylic and gel ink. Pictured right:  “Glide”   mixed water-media , framed 15″ x 12″  $150; image size 10″ x 7″


Framed Pastel Ravens:  20″ x 14″ (image size 14″ x 10″)  $350

Paintings are shipped with mat and foam core backing in archival clear bags.  Price includes shipping. Accepting checks, major credit cards, & PayPal.  Send PURCHASE FORM with name and shipping details, and you will receive an invoice for payment.



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