Headed for Home is a story about partnership.  The skies have turned dark.  A lone cowboy and his equine partner work in tandem to bring home the herd.  I encountered this scene several years ago, grabbing a quick photo as I intended to paint it one day.

This is the week I revisited this inspiration.  For this large studio painting, I began with a detailed study in graphite to work out the composition. Note how the perspective, as well as the placement of the bovine forms draw your eye into the painting and your imagination into the story.  I took my time to develop the forms, as well as setting the atmosphere.  Drawing is 11″x15″ in graphite.

Originally, I thought I would paint this composition as a “quarter-sheet” watercolor.  After the drawing was complete, I realized it needed to be much larger to do justice to the subject and the setting.  I doubled the size of the drawing, blocking in the basic forms on a “half-sheet” Arches 140# watercolor paper.  I worked on it in three settings, as the focus to paint it required rest periods.

Headed for Home
Headed for Home

Headed for Home, watercolor painting on 140# Arches mould-made paper, offered in a 28″x21″ mat, backed with foam core, and shipped in an archival crystal bag is ready for your frame upon arrival.  Art collectors: all materials used to create this painting are of archival quality.  Accepting major credit cards, PayPal.  $600   (Shipping included in price.)  Order with this link: PURCHASE PAINTING

Headed for Home, graphite drawing, 11″x15″  is offered on 75# archival paper, shipped matted 16″x20″ with foam core backing in a crystal bag, and ready for your frame, $100. (Shipping included in price.)  Order with this link:

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