VISUAL POETRY, Understanding Color & Composition through Exploration–  Online, downloadable, self-paced course with teacher/student collaboration and feedback.

A longing for excitement can be satisfied without external means within oneself: For creating is the most intense excitement one can come to know.  Anni Albers

"Riding for Rain*" copy

In these times of voluntary isolation, with art centers shuttered, we still have a strong need to engage with art and feed our souls.  To that end, I have developed an online course to help you use color and composition to elevate your artwork.  In this course you will gain fluency and control over color for dynamic expression.  You will also empower your artwork with strategic arrangements of visual elements to better communicate with your audience.  This online course is designed for you to work at your own pace in the medium of your choice!  Choose a medium that you have familiarity in expressing yourself, be it paint, pastels, fiber/fabric, mixed media/collage, photography, etc. 

The course is presented in 7 downloadable modules, with several exploratory exercises in each module.  Each module begins with art theory to guide you in making decisions for placement, sparking emphasis, generating rhythms, creating harmony, understanding balance, etc.  You work at your own pace, exploring each segment as deeply as desired.  Unlimited instructor feedback and individual support will be available by video phone calls, email, and texting for a full year from time of your enrollment.  If you can open and send emails and share photos through text messages, you have the technology skills to participate in this class.   All skill levels welcome from novice to experienced artists.  By the end of this class, you will have greater mastery of color and composition for enhanced creative expression.  Make your color sing and your design dazzle!

Please complete the form below to give Cheri your preferred medium and experience level, then pay below.  You can pay using your Paypal account or use your credit card by hitting the card icon.



Visual Poetry Downloadable Course

7-module course covering art, composition, and color theory. All skill levels welcome. Medium of your choice (paint, pastels, fiber, mixed media, photography etc.)



$100 Visual Poetry course

  • 7 downloadable modules to store on your computer or print into a workbook
  • unlimited instructor support for 1 full year
  • color principles
  • composition and art theory



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