The virus has begun to surge to all time highs.  Some of us will return to being shut-ins.  Others may even be admitted to the ICU.  With danger and sacrifice comes heroes.




Who is your hero?  Who has rendered extraordinary service for your benefit?  



Honor your shining star with a handcrafted personalized mixed media work of fiber art.


Top: sculpture is handwoven in cotton & silk yarns in a red-orange colorway with mohair, silk, wool, and novelty yarn hair.  Her face is natural stone.  Adorned with a silver heart, anodized buttons, and pewter hands, she wears a festive hat and Renaissance shoes.  She represents the concerned friend that stays in touch and keeps you company because your immune system does not allow you to go out in public.

Each Superstar Hero is crafted with a heart on the chest to symbolize kindness.

Inspired by the form of a starfish, this sculpture is handwoven in silk, metallic, and cotton yarns in a violet colorway with mohair, metallic, and hand-dyed wool hair, styled in braids and tied with tulle ribbon.  Her face is natural stone.  Adorned with a pearl heart, Venetian and glass beads, and silver hands, she wears high heels and carries a small bottle.  She represents the dear friend that faithfully shops for you, so you can stay safe at home.

Personalize your Superstar Hero by choosing:

  • handwoven fabric in a variety of colorways from natural fibers and novelty yarns
  • type of heart, (silver or pearl)
  • type of face, (silver charm or polished stone)
  • style of hands
  • shoes/boots
  • buttons & beads
  • hairstyle and/or hats
  • gender
  • other considerations– make it special
This rugged cowboy sculpture is handwoven in linen and cotton yarns in a violet/sage colorway with mohair and wool hair.  His face is natural stone.  Adorned with a pearl heart and silver hands, he wears cowboy boots, a silk bandana, a Stetson hat, and a big-buckle Lone Star leather belt; he carries a lariat.  With his “git ‘er done- can do” attitude, he represents the reliable  friend that can fix anything for you.

Purchase one of these sculptures, or let me create one just for you.  $100 includes  customized creation of your handcrafted fiber art sculpture, plus shipping.  Allow two weeks for creating and shipping your sculpture.  To order, please fill out the following form. Then pay using your PayPal account, or you can use your credit card by hitting the card icon below. All major credit cards accepted.  A receipt will be sent to your email.

Superstar Hero Fiberart Sculpture

Handcrafted mixed media fiber art sculpture from handwoven, quilted fabric and found objects. Price includes shipping.


Read more about our Superstar Heros



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