2020 has been a productive time for me. So much time alone gave me the creative space to develop ideas and reflect on my artwork. During this time I worked in a variety of genre including equine art, still life, landscapes, and children at the beach. I have learned new techniques in watercolor, expanded my equine sculpture repertoire, explored new mixed media techniques, and “took a deep dive” into learning how to paint beaches, waves, and the ocean. With so much creative expression, I’ve found limited time to write about my artwork. In these next blog posts I will discuss several new works I have completed since the quarantine in March.

Returning from Mexico in early March, I was bursting with ideas for paintings while also devoting much time to bringing my horse back into condition after two months of winter downtime. During this time of living and breathing “horse,” I painted four new equine compositions.

HEADED HOME, watercolor, matted/frame size: 21″ x 28″ (image size: 15″ x 22″) $600

The narrative painting HEADED HOME began the equine series, telling the story of the partnership between a horse and his cowboy working together to get the herd home before a storm. It was accepted and exhibited at “A Splash of Colorado,” Colorado Watercolor Society’s annual juried summer exhibition.  Featured in an earlier blog post, I discuss my painting process with demo photos. READ ABOUT HEADED HOME  Available for purchase: PURCHASE

LITTLE DANCER was inspired by the talented Lipizzan foals bred each year by TEMPEL FARMS. This painting celebrates the long tradition of classical dressage. The explosion of color and rich texture visually portray the young Lipizzan’s joy of movement that develops into a repertoire of haute école movements celebrated by classical dressage schools worldwide. 

Building on this theme, FROM BABY STEPS TO PIAFFE, shows the elegant shift in balance a dressage horse makes through years of progressive training.  A young horse carries 60% of his weight on his forehand. With careful training to develop strength and carrying power, a grand prix dressage horse learns to engage his abdominal muscles, lower his hindquarters, and shift his weight, carrying 60% on his hind end. The resulting shift creates enormous power, suspension in his movement, and elevated gaits. His withers rise, his neck arches, and he carries his poll as the highest point.  FROM BABY STEPS TO PIAFFE expresses equine nobility, grace, and stature.  PURCHASE LINK

As Monarch’s conditioning improved, we worked toward strengthening and balancing the canter in preparation for performing the flying change of lead. I took my arena focus into the studio, painting OUT OF THE WEST. In this composition, a violet horse bursts from the picture plane directly into your living room. Watercolor, framed size 16″ x 20″ $350,  PURCHASE LINK

OUT OF THE WEST, watercolor, framed size 16″ x 20″ $350,  PURCHASE LINK


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