With a focus on light, form, and color, my paintings will enliven contemporary homes with modern decor, log homes emphasizing rustic or western chic, collectors of modern western art, animal art collections, and of course equestrians who love horses.

Cheri is represented by:

  • Backstreet, Montrose, CO
  • Gunnison Arts Center, Gunnison, Co
  • Redstone Art Gallery, Redstone, CO
  • Creekside Gardens & Gallery, Ft Collins


I am fascinated by the relationship between light and shadow on natural forms. Compositions for watercolor paintings develop as I respond to the interplay of light and dark shapes with initial value studies. As I paint, I sePhoto of Cheri on her horse Monarch behind flowersek fresh, unexpected color mixtures through poured techniques and spontaneous wet-into-wet brushwork. I strive for a sense of mystery and narrative in each painting. A lifelong horsewoman, I have intimate knowledge of a horse’s body. Providing daily care, I observe and touch my horses’ sinuous curves, tendon lines, and muscular shapes. I have fallen deeply into a horse’s gaze, buried my nose into his coat to inhale his scent, and shared his breath. I study dressage and teach Equitherapy. Monarch, my wise and sensitive partner in this healing work, is a Lipizzan X Andalusian gelding and frequently appears as a subject of my paintings.

Along with equine watercolor subjects, I enjoy painting gardens, still life, and landscapes.  I’m an avid travel sketcher, recording a wide variety of experiences from cities, towns, and neighborhoods; wilderness and nature; festivals, musicians, and street life.  For creating small works of art, I love mixing media and processes.



Retiring from public education in 2010, Cheri changed focus to  develop her personal vision in watercolor.  Stir Gallery in Colorado Springs gave Cheri her first one woman show in 2012, pointing her on the path she follows today.   In 2013 she entered her first art competition, receiving two patron awards and People’s Choice.  In 2014 Cheri embarked on a year-long traveling exhibition, “High Point,” a benefit art show raising over $2K for nonprofits, which showed throughout Colorado.  Since 2014, Cheri has exhibited widely in regional, national, and international juried & invitational shows.  Along with an active studio schedule, Cheri is a popular workshop instructor.

8 replies on “About

      1. Thank you for subscribing. I just was accepted to a how in Florence, Italy called “Horse Utopia!” It’s my first European exhibition since switching from fiber arts to painting. I’m glad you can access my work. I appreciate your comments. When this show is hung and opens, I can start focusing on getting my horse back in shape after the lob holiday: (November-January omg!) I’ve been working out this past week, so I know I will have to bring him back slowly.

  1. Glad to hear that about the Lascaux horses – I wonder how many people make the connection with my avatar?! The caves are about an hour’s drive north of here, though, as you probably know, one can no longer get to see the real drawings.
    Pom and I too are very slowly getting back into shape after a winter pause – but I am sure your exhibition will be well worth all the time you’ve spent on it and away from Monarch – a show in Florence – how fantastic. Will you be there for the vernissage?
    Perhaps a show in France one day?

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