Click this link for 2018 exhibition schedule.  2018 EXHIBITION SCHEDULE

Click this link for a detailed list of classes and locations:  2018 WORKSHOP LISTING

Taught by Cheri Isgreen, all workshops include instruction in technique & tips, design & composition principles, and materials/media consideration.  Additionally, you will receive electronic notes, handouts, and follow up consultation related to further studies based on the workshop.

BIO: Cheri Isgreen has been an artist all her life from crayons, to traditional art media, to fiber, to 3D media, to a concentration in watercolors today.  She has taught art to a variety of learners for the past 30 years.  This year Cheri is scheduled to teach watercolor at the Ah Haa School of the Arts in Telluride, the Gunnison Arts Center, the Blue Pig Gallery in Palisade, and monthly sketch classes at Backstreet Bagels in Montrose.  Her work can be found in public and private collections, as well as in national & international publications.   She is represented by Creekside Gardens & Gallery, Redstone Gallery, Gunnison Arts Center, and Backstreet Bagels.

“GETTING LOOSE”  WATERCOLOR WORKSHOP  Looking for a way to loosen up your art? Do you love color?  Have you ever wondered if you could be successful painting in watercolor? Are you interested in learning some new techniques? Are you looking for fun ways to express yourself?  This class will offer ideas, suggestions, and methods to create lively compositions in watercolor. You will explore watercolor concepts and techniques, as well as composition and design considerations.

“A SENSE OF PLACE” SKETCH JOURNALING WORKSHOP  Sketch Journaling improves skills in observation and expression, using a variety of art media for recording daily life, travel, and nature experiences. No experience is necessary.  Each session addresses separate skill sets and concludes with exercises to hone skills and encourage ongoing motivation.

“POURED WATERCOLOR WORKSHOP”  Knowing pigment properties and following simple pigment rules go a long way in achieving colors that glow. Pouring paints, instead of using a brush, further ensures that each layer remains undisturbed, allowing a build-up of color that provides depth to paintings. The workshop will  cover strategies for strengthening your compositions, pigment rules, and pouring techniques. Strategies include focusing on value, edges, and of course, color!

“MEET THE MASTERS”    Do you love art? Bring it alive through creative discovery. Take a playful, exploratory, multimedia approach to exploring periods, movements, geography, and master artists through making art.  Emphasis is on creative expression and discovery.  Experience using a variety of art materials and technique while you learn about art history.  THIS IS NOT your professors’ art history classes! We take inspiration from master artists and famous artworks, as we create our own masterpieces. Join us for a fast paced course and get your creative juices flowing!  Cheri holds a Masters of Art in Curriculum & Instruction with an emphasis in Art Education.

To schedule a show or workshop at your gallery, fill out the form below. 

If you are a nonprofit, and would like to schedule a fundraiser for your organization, fill out the form below. In 2014, Cheri raised over $2,000 for nonprofits through her art shows.

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